Can you eat the fruit of cherry bonsai tree

Can you eat the fruit of cherry bonsai tree

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Can you eat the fruit of cherry bonsai tree?" to me today. Not for this one but the blue ficus, yes. And my darling potted indigo vine too.

More things -

It is my absolute favourite time of the year! Aimee Hill is organising the Secret Garden Party at her family home at Hutton House. Go here to book for a charming weekend in June. A pre-requisite is sending Aimee a sweet message at [email protected] telling her that you would be attending. She also hosts the Wonderful World of Self-Sufficiency Homegrown Vintage Fair (10-5 June) every second year in June, here's the previous year.

Back to food -

Time for a few treats and you can make all these things as Christmas presents to give!

Chill out with, or rather under this cut out cover. The pages are vintage colouring from the collections I have at home and handmade by yours truly. I love these pages and find them endlessly helpful when I want to calm down, to stop concentrating and just enjoy the pleasure of creating and painting.

I love the idea of a leafy bonsai tree, a really productive gardening practice in my opinion. The more plants I grow the more food I eat, I like to think. This one is sitting on my window ledge and it is making good use of its mini pot, I give it fresh fruit (pawpaw) and we just picked a few, today, and added some to a salad we made from kale, garlic, olive oil, lemon and a few walnuts. I was there with my sweethearts watching the world go by, and enjoyed everything.

This is a close up of some ancient marbles I have recently brought home, put on the table and looked at.I love the colour and the form and the mysteriousness of ancient found things, these are artefacts I do not know much about (yet), but they are lovely.

You can buy yourself one of these tumblers for $12 from Red Star Art, here are the most recent series that they have made for the market here. They are a lovely shape and colour.

I recently bought some as well, this pair in a very old font and with lovely illustrations, they are tumblers again, very clever. They cost $14 at the Goorookan market.

Another shopping success of the last few days. A wonderful collection of vintage crayons, and then my hand painted food for this week.

Toast with almond butter, an always favourite go-to snack.

I am still loving the colour of the aqua flower on the left, at this moment. And of course, bread and toasted with almond butter.

This sourdough loaf, from Red Star Art, is so easy to make and delicious.

Be sure to get these radishes at the market next Saturday - and why not a bag of green onions?

I made myself a cake yesterday. I used one of my new products to decorate it - handmade butter. I still love this cake and made the icing in less than a minute (cooking the butter). An absolute labour of love. I topped it with fresh strawberries.

This cake is so soft and silky and very, very delicious. A triumph!

Hope you are all looking forward to being home again, eating more wonderful food, and visiting all the friends I have made at RSCV. Now that I have read every one of your blogs I am in love with your cake recipes. I was that girl in the UK when I was 13 and my mum brought home a recipe book from her uni days and I spent hours in the kitchen trying to copy the classic baked chicken. Still cook it once a year for my DH. I've been through three cook books in the last decade since and have realised that as time has gone on I have developed my own more appropriate flavours for what I cook.And the baker is me not a foreign person trying to impress with a foreigner's way of food. My middle name is Amy and I've never felt that I have an identity crisis, I just thought I had to make something in my life. That is how life unfolds. Some recipes are of the best inspiration. My next small book is about food and baking, health &, nutrition. And it is a collection of my favourite recipes. I'm so excited. The family try it on Easter and will bring back the best feedback.

About Me

A mini historian with a big appetite for food, places, old things and gardens.

My particular interests include vintage cookbooks, baking, collecting vintage things and writing.

I live in western Sydney with my partner and 2 dogs.

I am also the owner and co-founder of Red Star Community Markets.

I am on a journey towards being self sufficient. I have recently started to grow fruit, herbs and vegetables and am looking at bees for pollination.

I love cooking and baking, although I do not consider myself much of a cook.

I am passionate about Australian gardening and have recently created a facebook page devoted to gardening: Australian Gardening

I love exploring urban/rural Australia and the world and look forward to being inspired and learning something new every day.

Enjoy the small things, like a sparkling wine with your cheese or a pot of real vegetables with real butter on your pasta.

All of life is magic, just open your eyes and look.

This blog is an exploration of these little things.

Aimee xx

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