Artist Creates Amazing Works Of Art Using Foraged Materials

Artist Creates Amazing Works Of Art Using Foraged Materials

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PHOTO: flora.forager/Instagram

I think it’s easy to find beauty and art in nature and many of you probably agree. For Seattle-based artist Bridget Beth Collins, finding beauty and art in nature is so easy that she creates beautiful art out of it. Collins uses foraged materials to design nature-inspired artwork.

“I love to adventure into the wildflower woodlands, mossy waterfalls, and grey sand starry expanses of the Pacific Northwest,” Collins said, according to My Modern Met. “I forage almost all of my creations from foliage and flowers plucked from our sidewalks, meadows, and woods in our neighborhood. I have a small garden in the city, and my mother has a big rambling secret garden filled with old English roses in the sea town of Edmonds where I grew up.”

Her work not only is inspired by nature and is made from nature, it often depicts nature. Take a look at some of our favorites.

To see more of Collins’ artwork, check out her Instagram page. Click here if you wish to purchase her art.

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