107 Gnomes Mysteriously Appear in Woman’s Garden

107 Gnomes Mysteriously Appear in Woman’s Garden

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What would you do if you went to close the curtains of your front window late one evening, looked outside and found 107 gnomes looking back at you from your garden? You may be startled, confused, possibly even angry. But for Marcela Telehanicova of Ivybridge, United Kingdom, who this actually happened to, it was funny.

“I was in hysterics, I found it really funny,” she told The Plymouth Herald . “It’s the best, most bizarre thing that has ever happened to me. I don’t know who did it but I would love to know, I would love to shake their hand and say ‘Well done, you made me laugh.'”

The following morning, Telehanicova alerted the police, fearing the gnomes may have been stolen because all of them had barcodes on the bottom. The police have since checked with the Endsleigh Garden Centre nearby, but they have not reported any missing gnomes. If no one claims the garden features within 28 days, Telehanicova will get to keep them.

How would you react to finding more than 100 gnomes in your front yard?

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