Places to get indoor plants

Places to get indoor plants

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Chris West. Category: Living. Without them, our surroundings would be devoid of color, character, and wildlife — they even contribute to the very air that we breathe. While their presence in the world is the definition of natural, their existence within our homes is a bit more contrived. While heading to the nursery is a quick and easy fix for most people, there are a handful of buyers who take to the online marketplace to get their foliage fix. The evolution of online shopping has also helped to cultivate an entirely new generation of online nurseries, specializing in direct-to-consumer and business-to-consumer plant acquisition, making it easier than ever to find your next living purchase.

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Where to Buy and Find Indoor Houseplants

Photograph: Jane Perrone. I am frequently asked - where do you buy your plants? Included here are many recommendations of my own, plus several from listeners who I petitioned on Twitter for their favourite places to buy plants - you can read the whole thread here. I'd like to keep adding to this guide as I find - or you tell me about - great new suppliers, so please get in touch if you want to tell me where you source your plants in the UK.

Also check out this Google map of places to buy houseplants, created by Samantha Tremlin. Looking for houseplant sellers that focus on sustainable practices? Check out this list of sustainable sellers. There are also quite a few boutique online shops popping up, too, which are listed at the top.

If it is the rare and unusual that you are after, then you have found the right place! Great selection of rare Aroids and other houseplants. House of Plants London is a new business set up during lockdown; selling houseplants from their home in East London and offering mail order and socially-distanced drop-ins for locals.

Miss Odette's Plant Emporium is an Etsy shop with an ever-changing list of available plants. Plant Hunt is an online family business delivering a range of houseplants locally in Norwich, as well as nationally. Plants For All Seasons has a wide selection, including some rarer varieties, plus a YouTube channel where you can get a 3D view of a plant prior to purchase.

Silver Roots With plnts. Spicesotic Plants is a small family business in Essex. Growing tropical, subtropical and spice plants started as a hobby and eventually the collection has turned into business. They also have a wide range of orchids. Twisted Leaf and Vine have a tropical houseplant specialism and strive to be an eco-friendly company with a zero carbon footprint. Craftyplants will help you with all your Tillandsia needs! The Origin Of Species specialises in rare and exotic plants for both the home and garden.

Botanical Babe Houseplants is an online houseplants shop based out of North Wales and newly trading as ofLeaf Envy is an online plant store with a plant subscription box option. Parvus Plants is a tiny houseplant nursery based in Machynlleth, Wales that specialises in small plants.Leaf Loft is also in Wales, though in the south, in Cardiff, and we hear high praise of its packing quality, not least the biodegradable packaging! All-ways Blooming has a specialism in Tillandsia air plants.

Beanstalk Plant Co. Green Leaf Jungle is another seller that has popped up in times of Covid, out of a change in work situation and refocussing of priorities and passions. Piers and Sarah operate out of South West London, delivering all over. Oxy-plants deliver a wide range of houseplants and pots to your door. Prick is home to a wonderful display of cacti and succulents see episode 25 of the podcast for an interview with owner Gynelle Leon.

Conservatory Archives in East London is one of the most established houseplant shops in the capital: there are two branches to choose from. Garden of Eden is a black-owned houseplant business in Lewisham, South East London, that has been recommended to us for its affordable prices and selection of rare plants. The Bexley Butterfly House and Plant Centre , in Kent, comes highly recommended to us for its good prices and its Hoyas, which are just a part of its wider selection! Mar Mar has both a physical shop in Margate, Kent, as well as an online store selling from rare, to hanging, to floor, to shelf plants!

Hand Spun Botanics has two shops in East Sussex - one in Alfriston and one in Lewes: they specialise in kokedama but also sell other houseplants and terrariums. Hutch Houseplants in Exeter sells houseplants and terrariums.

Little Green is a houseplant business with an emphasis on sustainability, delivering in the Bristol area and mail order to the rest of the UK. Old Market Plants in Bristol: its curators have impeccable horticultural qualifications, so this is definitely on my "must visit" list You can also visit them online for nationwide delivery. The Greenhouse Looe is a houseplant and coffee shop in Cornwall that additionally stocks pots and other plant-related items and has a focus on sustainability.

The Planted House in Penzance, Cornwall sells plants, pots and ephemera. Trillium Houseplants in Newquay, Cornwall is a new enterprise by an ex-Eden Project horticulturist: offering mail order as well as local delivery. Mint Plants has two physical shops in Gloucestershire plus an online shop for delivery UK-wide. Botanic in York is definitely on my hit-list of plant shops I need to visit. Flourish Manchester came to my attention when they did a fabulously imaginative houseplant display at the RHS Tatton show - they sell online too with an innovative 'limited edition', including some pretty hard to get plants, so are definitely worth keeping an eye on!

Flourish also has a branch in the Manchester suburb of Didsbury. MoonKo in Sheffield has been going since and has a focus on sustainability, with a pot recycling scheme. Feels Like Home is also in Sheffield but has an online shop too. Alongside plants, including air plants, there are also terrariums and workshops to make them.

Plant Shop Manchester was born following a trip to Australia inYou can hire out this leafy space for special events, too! Plant One On Me is a Bradford-based houseplant tea room - great combination! The Plant Point in Leeds, and also in Ilkley, is a family affair, run by two sisters with a passion for houseplants!

The Plant Den in Norwich has a really fun Insta account showing off customers and their newly bought plants. I really want to visit this one! Bo-tanical is a permanent shop based at Norwich Market that offers a wide range of houseplants. Leslie Terrance Home, Gift and Garden is also in Norwich, selling a large array of products for your home and garden, including a fine selection of houseplants!

Also close to Norwich is Pretty Cactus , in Brooke. You can shop the online range too, including accessories and books on the subject.Small and Green can usually be found in its central Cambridge market location, as well as at various Cambridge pop-ups, but has gone online during the Coronavirus crisis, so you can have your plants biked to you!

You can purchase from afar via the website too. The Watering Can is a plant and gift shop in the village of Coltishall, just north of Norwich, run by plant enthusiasts, Lisa and Sarah.

Greenroom has a destination store in the iconic Snape Maltings in East Suffolk, selling cut flowers alongside houseplants, and all things botanical, bespoke and beautiful! Eartha is a plant shop based in a shared space on City Road in Cardiff. Apercu has two shops in Glasgow, plus one in Edinburgh's Haymarket.

Dahlia is in Stockbridge, Edinburgh and sells plants of course, as well as candles, ceramics and skincare. Grow Urban in central Edinburgh usually serves coffee and cakes alongside its plants but in Covid times has introduced kerbside pick-up and delivery options.

With an emphasis on convenience and affordability, there is a range of plants on offer, plus accessories and even subscriptions for monthly deliveries! Green Meadows is your go-to place in Edinburgh for an emphasis on sustainability, both environmental and social. Blooms in Glasgow offers in-person houseplant sales as well as plants by post. Willow House Plants in Doune, near Stirling, has everything from tiny cacti to colourful orchids and large foliage plants, plus pots, plant care products and botanical-themed gifts.

Petals By The Shore is a florist in Edinburgh that also sells houseplants and has been in business for over twenty years! If you would like to buy from suppliers that have worked hard to make sure every aspect of their business is run on sustainable principles, check out the list below.

Plants come in terracotta pots and the business runs on renewable energy.Pointless Plants is on a mission to make the planet a greener, healthier and happier place to live, planting 10 trees for every order placed, with a goal of planting one million trees by ! They are challenging plastic pots and packaging, peat-based soil, wastage and transportation.

You can make your sustainable houseplant purchases from this warehouse online! Shop without a guilty conscience! Wild Roots in Poole, Dorset, is a houseplants and interiors shop with a focus on environmental sustainablility. There is a physical, as well as online, shop and services offered include plant maintenance and bespoke event dressing.

The small hobby seller may also be offering plants for sale via a Facebook page or the like, and this is definitely an exciting way to buy, but test out with a small purchase before sending a lot of money their way. If you do take a cutting, place it in a clear plastic bag, ideally wrapped in some moistened kitchen paper until you can get it home. Then get it in some water or moist compost as soon as possible. Also keep an eye on Gumtree, Preloved, Freegle, Freecycle and local Facebook groups for people looking to offload houseplants as this can be a cheap or free way of expanding your collection - but check the plants carefully for pests before you let them join your precious collection, otherwise they may bring an unwelcome payload with them!

In fact, this is good practice for new plants you buy from anywhere I picked up these spearhead succulents Senecio kleiniiformis in a single pot from WIlkinsons Pots not included. One last hitch - these plants are often potted in poor quality compost - or sometimes the wrong compost entirely - so consider repotting plants as soon as you get them home.

I'll tackle that in a different post but please, just Check out: Wilkinsons seem to have occasional "motherloads" of nice succulents from time to time over the summer, and Morrisons has the best houseplants of the supermarkets, in my opinion.Staghorn ferns in the hothouse at Perfectplants.

Some of the mail order seed and plant outfits are now cottoning on to the popularity of houseplants: Suttons sells a range of interesting begonias, Streptocarpus and African violets which are supplied by the specialist nursery Dibleys, while Crocus sells a good range of plants too.

A listener tells us that Thompson and Morgan can sometimes be worth a look. One of the major players is bakker. I haven't tried Best4Garden but they seem to have a reasonably big range of houseplants.

I'd also recommend Shrubland Park Nurseries in Suffolk which has a lovely range of houseplants available via mail order, and Perfectplants. I have recently discovered the world of vivarium supply shops as a source for interesting houseplants: these may not be your obvious choice, but they are a great way to buy certain plants such as bromeliads, vines and ferns: things that will do well in the high humidity setting of a closed terrarium.

They are sometimes sold in pots but also as rooted cuttings which, provided you are confident at potting them up, are a cheap way of getting more plants.

The best places to buy plants online

For a list of our full plant inventory, click here. Houseplants and indoor plants brighten up any environment, plus add many healthy benefits. Some are easy to keep growing, while others require a little or a lot more care. High light indoor plants usually have to be right next to a window to survive as they require direct or strong indirect sunlight for most of the day. This can be a bit challenging in Central Ohio where winter temperatures can cause it to be cold next to a window. This type of plant needs to stay out of direct sunlight, but still needs to be in a brightly lit room. Sounds kind of fussy, but think of them as growing on a forest floor with lots of ambient light, but no direct light for long periods.

The 18 Best Places to Buy Plants Online · Forget getting your hands dirty.All you have to do is point, click, and pot. · House plants coming out.

12 Places to Buy House Plants in London

Brighten up your safe haven, your home sweet home, with earthy greenery and foliage. Bring a part of nature to your abode and create a prosperous holistic environment with our exclusive indoor plant collection! On Time Delivery and Gifts were as fresh and as beautiful as they looked in the pic! Very cute plant Loved it Overall service is best. It's my first time and the gift was wonderful. They delivered it on time. Thank you for the lovely gift. My first purchase and I'm happy, looking forward to more.

House Plants

A little bundle of leafy joy, shipped straight to your door. For everything from container gardening to nurturing a vertical garden, you can buy plants online to get the exact leafy look you want, and then have those plants shipped straight to your door. This is especially helpful if you have large tastes in plants but no car with which to bring them home. And if your plants start to suffer, some even offer hotlines with gardening advice.

We will always encourage you to support local businesses like garden centres, but sometimes ordering plants online is a more convenient option. Nationwide and internal online garden centres and plant sellers will — most likely —when freed from the constraints of floorspace be able sell a far greater range of both indoor and outdoor plants which means far more variety including on-trend rarities and less fruitless searching for what you know you want.

The 9 Best Places to Find Affordable Houseplants Online

There's a reason Bobby Berk fills every home on Queer Eye with plants: They add life to any room , purify your air , and boost your mood. Updating your house with greenery is also easier than ever thanks to new online plant delivery services.Yep, it's now possible to send living plants through the mail and have them arrive intact and thriving! To find out which suppliers have honed the art of growing, packing, and shipping plants, we ordered houseplants from the most popular brands in the game right now, including superstores like Amazon , florists such as UrbanStems , and houseplant-focused companies like The Sill and Bloomscape. Before you buy any plant, you'll want to consider which types fits your lifestyle. If you're prone to overwatering, get a species that can survive frequent dousing, like Chinese evergreens or peace lilies.

The 11 Best Places To Buy Houseplants Online Right Now

A lush fern or ficus is the easiest way to lift a space. These are the best spots on the web to grab some greenery. Much in the way throwing money at the soundtrack is the easiest way to make a good movie great, a quick smattering of green plants is the fastest way to make a nice living space feel extra special. Buying plants online might sound complicated but the best online plant sellers have packing and delivery down to a science. And, unless you've got really great plant stores and greenhouses in your area, online plant stores afford the biggest and best selection of small and large indoor plants that'll give your home or office an instant burst of atmosphere. With so many varieties available from online plant retailers, I say can skip the skimpy selection at the big box retailer or hardware store and scan the endless virtual garden of potted plants, ferns, ficuses and flowers guaranteed to brighten a corner, window, shelf or entire room. When you buy for your flora on the web, you can choose from common or exotic plants, mini cacti and succulents, hanging plants, flowering plant, planter, faux plants, air plants and large indoor floor plants that anchor an entire room.

A go-to place for pre-potted plants, this Dundas West store has a big selection of orchids, tropical plants and succulents for your enjoyment. Terrariums are.

Tricks to Get Free Indoor Plants | Free Garden Plants

The quickest, easiest and chicest way to do that? By filling it with plants, of course! From an artfully placed Monstera to a smattering of windowsill cacti or a full-blown indoor jungle Tarzan would be happy to live in, plants are in side.

How to keep your indoor plants alive

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City Guide , Lifestyle. Are plants expensive? Are my fake plants tacky? Am I living my best life? The benefits of having houseplants go beyond aesthetics although we love the lush, green look too and include removing toxins from the air and even improving mental health. After surviving a Buffalo winter, we could all use the boost.

New customer?

Stock up on indoor plants to add a bit of greenery to your home. Is your obsession with houseplants slowly draining your wallet? Along with these large stores, you can also check out direct-to-consumer plant shops like The Sill and Bloomscape. They specialize in shipping high-quality plants, so you can expect a seamless delivery experience and plenty of support to help you best care for your new plants. Learn more about these convenient online shops below. You can order just about anything from Amazon these days, including live houseplants at affordable prices. The retail giant even has its own plant shop where you can find everything from assorted succulents to houseplants like this snake plant.

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